How to place an Ad

How to place an ad?

  • If you are not yet a registered user of, you must first register. If you are already registered you can just log in. Registration and submission of ads are free for individuals. Businesses and legal entities on the other hand must check the minisbarter for business page.
  • After logging in / registering, click the ”Post New Ad” button in the menu at the top of the page.
  • You will be presented with an ad submission form, in which you first select the appropriate category, add the name and description of the item or items you are selling, define the condition in which the item you are selling is, define the type of transaction (buy, sell, trade) and the price (if you are donating the item, check the "Free" button, if you want to be contacted for the price, click "Deal" button). In the next part, you should add photos (up to max. 4, we recommend that they are horizontal) that best represent the items you are selling and the condition they are in. You can edit their order in the ad by clicking on the circle with the number 1 in the selected image. In the lower part of the form, you need to add the information about your location or where the object of sale is located and finalize the submission by clicking on the “Publish item” button. * If you also enter a contact phone in the Phone number field, in addition to the contact button, a direct call / SMS button to the mentioned number will be enabled on your ad.
  • That's it, your ad has been successfully posted and is waiting for customers. Good luck!